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Easy to follow course with the right tips to help you avoid the classic rookie mistakes that new store owners make when advertising their products on Google.

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We've created a quick and free 3 part course to get your started with scaling your Shopify store with Google Ads

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Save money

Save Money

Don’t waste thousands of your own dollars making all the same mistakes all new Ecommerce marketers make.

Save time

Save Time

Don’t waste months & months searching through blogs and paid resources. Learn just what you need to get results fast.

Learn the best strategies

Learn the best strategies

Learn the same strategies used to consistently build and scale hundreds of Ecommerce stores and connect with other store owners.

In this course you will learn:

How to think like an Ecommerce marketer


How to think like an Ecommerce marketer

Setting up a hight-performance Google Ads account


Quickly setting up a high-performance Google Ads account

Easily grow and manage your account


How to easily grow and manage that account with simple steps

Sam Baldwin CEO and Founder Key PPC

Sam Baldwin
CEO & Head Strategist

Meet your teacher:
Sam Baldwin
Expert Ecommerce Google Ads Marketer

Hey there! I’m Sam and I’m here to help you grow your Shopify store. I’ve helped grow hundreds of Ecommerce stores scale and grow with my marketing strategies. My strategies are profit-driven and everything we teach you is backed by years of testing by growing other stores.

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"Sam's beginner Google Ads course got me started straight away with Google Ads. Within 2 weeks I was seeing conversions come in and after a month I was seeing consistent profits generated every single week!"

5-star rating

Ryan – Canada

"I've been running my dropshipping store for 3 months now and Sam's course helped me get my feet wet with Google Ads. I'm now using it alongside my Facebook Ads campaigns and seeing better results as my Facebook Pixel is now gathering more and more accurate conversion data for my lookalike audiences."

5-star rating

Lewis – United States

"I was planning on hiring an agency to setup my google ads but Sam's course showed me how easy it is to do a great job with a few helpful tips. I can now understand what I'm looking for to improve my account while I'm still a small growing business."

5-star rating

Matthew – Australia