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Sims Direct provide high quality prepaid & pre-activated roaming sim cards for world travellers. Opening their e-commerce store in early 2018, they required an effective online marketing strategy to generate profit while also positioning their brand in the industry.
We scaled their Google Ads account to over $90,000 in consistent monthly revenue, all the while retaining a very healthy net profit margin. This consistent revenue stream provided the owners significant additional cash flow with which they invested in new products and opportunities and it has continued to assist them scale business above and beyond.

Blink Spanish School in Medellin

The results:

Scaled monthly revenue

$4,000 to $190,000+

(just in Google Ads alone)

Very Low Cost Per Conversion


per order

Conversion rate increased by


How we did it:

  • Full Campaign Setup

    The company’s campaigns were setup from scratch after completing extensive keyword and competitor research. We created campaigns targeting general queries related to the product as well as specific targeted search queries.

  • Conversion Tracking Setup

    We added conversion tracking to capture conversions and their values. Here we were able to pinpoint the exact keywords, ads, and search queries generating the most revenue for the business.

  • Ongoing Management & Optimisation

    The campaigns were reviewed and optimised daily to reduce the average cost per conversion and focus in on what was working. We met with the team at Sims Direct weekly to discuss the results and work together to maximise the return on investment in the account.

  • Retargeting Setup

    We assisted the team at Sims Direct with their setup of Facebook retargeting for past visitors of the website. Since setup, this has resulted in a significant number of conversions at a very low cost per acquisition (averaging at $4 per conversion). These extra conversions were not included in our campaign statistics above.

LaceSpace logo

The team at Lace Space approached to Key PPC following a strong referral from another client. They had been severely burnt by terrible marketing agencies in the past. Understandably, they were hesitant to jump right in with another marketing agency. They gave us a small budget to work with and we blew it out of the water with success. Previously, Lace Space had been garnering their profitable traffic from other sources like social media and SEO but following our work we ensured PPC would generated consistent profitable traffic. We grew their small account from less than $1,000 per month in revenue to over $20,000 within the first month. All the while reducing their cost per conversion and maintaining a very high level of profitability.

Blink Spanish School in Medellin

How we did it:

  • Campaign Overhaul

    We implemented a new account strategy with specific budgets targeting high conversion keywords. We also setup opportunity campaigns with dedicated budgets to find new converting keywords.

  • Google Shopping Optimization

    Our bid management strategy transformed their Google Shopping strategy into profitability. They were previously overbidding their products, using up the budget too quickly, and had retired Google Shopping entirely due to lack of sales. Our team transformed the platform into the client’s major source of profitability in the account.

The results:

Monthly revenue increased from

$1,000 to $20,000+

Average monthly profit increased


(we blew this out of the water!)

Click Through Rates Increased

1% to 5%

Because of higher ad relevancy

Wine Stash logo

Wine Stash provides premium wine storage systems to wine lovers all over Australia and New Zealand. Matthew came to us looking for a reliable PPC manager that could take over a small account and explore it’s potential. We took the account from $2,000 in monthly sales revenue to over $40,000 in monthly revenue. We increased the profit generated by this account by a factor of 10. Wine Stash were able to utilise Google Ads for an extra source of revenue for the company that was previously untouched, allowing for a more diversified creation of revenue streams for the business.

Blink Spanish School in Medellin

How we did it:

  • Keyword strategy transformation

    We identified the high performing search queries and doubled-down, creating an Alpha campaign with a dedicated budget towards these search queries using exact match keywords. After demonstrating consistent profits with this strategy we expanded the campaigns to discover opportunity searches that could bring in further conversions (though at lower search volumes). This, combined with an effective bidding strategy, totally transformed the client’s Google Ads strategy and continues to grow and generate 5 figure profits each month.

  • Negative keyword strategy

    To increase the client’s profitability we ensured their ads were only shown to converting customers with an effective negative keyword strategy. This, combined with better keyword use, increased the search volume for converting keywords while reducing the search volume for budget-wasting keywords that rarely converted.

  • Google Shopping Implementation

    We created and optimized the client’s Google Shopping feed and continued to manage the product bidding to grow the Shopping campaign into one of the key campaigns of the account.

The results:

Monthly Revenue Growth from

$2,000 to over $40,000

all just from Google Ads.

Decreased Cost Per Conversion by


yep, that's not a typo.

Number of monthly orders increased from

20 to 400+

Blink logo

Blink Spanish Immersion School is a Medellin-based spanish school that houses, feeds and teaches students spanish in the heart of Colombia.

The school’s Google Ads campaign was generating bookings, just at a low volume and at a high cost per conversion. We completed a full account overhaul, transforming the account into a high performance sales machine. We doubled the volume of leads and reduced the cost to acquire each new student from $140 to $22.50. In the months following our work, the owner had to pause our campaigns until they had expanded their number of classrooms for the school to hold the number of students booking each day.

Blink Spanish School in Medellin

How we did it:

  • Total campaign overhaul

    New adgroups were created for each search query to enable a more targeted keyword strategy. This allowed us to display unique ads for each search term – resulting in higher click through rates as we presented more appealing ads to searchers.

  • Negative keyword strategy

    An effective negative keyword strategy was implemented to prevent unwanted clicks obtained from unrelated search terms to the business. Combined with a more effective keyword strategy we used negative keywords to reduce the multitude of unwanted impressions, increase the click through rate, save money on the budget and reduce the cost per acquisition of each new customer for the business.

  • Improved landing pages for mobile use

    We refurbished the landing page with content that was more targeted, as well as improving the experience for mobile users with a responsive layout.

The results:

Increased Conversion Rates by


from 0.13% to 3.27%

Decreased Cost Per Conversion by


from $140.00 to $22.50

Increased Click Through Rates by


from 1.42% to 3.12%

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Key PPC Adwords Account Audits

We often provide audits to new clients where we find massive opportunities in their accounts where they could be saving and making much more money.

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