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We’re a passionate team of Ecommerce marketing experts that are excited to get into your Google Ads account and to start working our magic

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We’re Key PPC, a PPC agency that exclusively helps e-commerce businesses grow, prosper and be profitable with Google Ads.

We often help 2 kinds of businesses. Those small, starting e-commerce owners that have a few thousand in revenue under their belt but looking to take their business to the next level. They’ve had results through social media but now have their eye on paid google searches. They’ve heard about the potential, and are in dire need of a guide to help them along the way to profitable growth. We love working with these clients because share the joy of growing their businesses from $2,000 to over $100,000 in monthly sales revenue. We build epically amazing campaigns, generating results far greater than our monthly management fee.

The other kind of businesses that we help are those that are already running with Google Ads but are looking to have someone take over. Maybe they’ve been managing the account internally but as things grow they want someone with a bit more know-how to take the reigns. Often their business is doing well but they want their time back, to focus on growing the business rather than the day to day, month to month time requirements of managing their Google Ads account. We come in, audit their current account, and implement our systems and processes to make it more efficient, pay less per conversion, and therefore make more profits.

Why Clients Work With Us

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We make them money

As simple as that, our clients rave and refer us because we have played a pivotal role in growing their business.

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We focus on profits

Our immediate focus is your profitability. We’ll dedicate our energy to getting you profitable as soon as we can before focusing on scaling that into massive growth.

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E-commerce only

We don’t spread ourselves thin working in every niche and every digital service. No, our clients want the absolute best experts for their business which is why we focus on just PPC for Ecommerce stores.

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Kyle Jenkins

“Since engaging Key PPC for their services, we have seen a 500% return on the investment. Sam made the process as smooth as possible, asking the right questions and building and maintaining a well-designed solution that gets us more and more sales every month.”

Kyle Jenkins
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Kyle Jenkins

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